Acoustic panels are an indispensable component of your home theater–without them you get a hollow sound that is sure to grate your ears. CDGi has taken acoustic panels to a higher plateau allowing you to personalize panels without any loss of sound fidelity.

CinemaScape™ technology allows you to have any cinema poster, family portrait, fine artwork, landscape, or even unique images designed specifically for your enjoyment adorn the walls of your theater. CinemaScapes™ come in a variety of exquisite decorative frames of our own design or we can make frames designed or recommended by your own interior designer.

CinemaScapes™ bring fantasy to your home theater enhancing the mood of viewing the movies you love.

While CinemaScape™ acoustic panels can be created from any high-resolution image, we offer collections that have been pre-selected by our design staff to work well with theater interiors.  These collections are shown below:


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CinemaScapes - Space Scene Imagery



Space Scene Imagery – Nebulas, star clusters and planets are swirling all around you.  These space images are perfect for space-themed theaters as well as contemporary abstract art, and ceilings.



CinemaScapes - City Scene Imagery



City Scene Imagery – Our urban landscape acoustic panels put you high above the city in any city in the world you want to be when you watch movies. We create a metropolitan mosiac in your theater with high-resolution images. CDGi offers a collection of images that have been pre-selected by our design staff to fit in most home theater spaces.


CinemaScapes - Scenic Imagery



Scenic Imagery – Open, flowing landscapes have been a recurring source of pleasure since we have walked the earth. Bring these charmed lands of vineyards, beaches, rivers, and moss covered castles into your entertainment experience.



CinemaScapes - Abstract Scene Imagery



Abstract Scene Imagery – Tear yourself away from reality as you walk into your home theater. Abstract designs will make you forget where you are coming from or where you are right then. Our collection of transcedental art or a reproduction of your own artwork are the perfect background for the Indie movie enthusiast.