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Many of the finest projectors are somewhat large and heavy. Add in an anamorphic lens, and you have a very heavy, unwieldy projector that is even more difficult to hide or mount. Until now, the idea of placing such a device into a soffit was impractical due to the difficulties surrounding access and safety.

CDGiPRO has changed it all by designing a new slide out shelf that makes the mounting and servicing of large projectors a very simple and safe affair.



What is it?

The Projector Slide is a heavy duty sliding shelf capable of handling up to 500 lbs safely. This device is available to fit any and all projector and lens combinations. The size options range from a width of 18”- 30” and depth of 18”- 60”.  The shelf is designed to pull Projector Slide - whyout the full length of the device for easy access. There is a convenient locking mechanism which can lock down the drawer in one of three positions, closed, full open, and half way open. This makes it very safe to mount the projector as well as service without fear of the device sliding when working on it.Projector Slide - installed



More rugged than a gravel road.

Our projector slide is constructed from high carbon steel and welded to handle the extreme pressures exerted on the weld point and attachment points. The sheer strength of the bolts that secure the sliding mechanism to the framework are rated at 2000 lbs. each. The tie downs are designed to be placed in any of multiple pre-cut slots to accommodate all models of projectors. These amazing, heavy-duty sliding-shelf units are custom made to fit any unit and application.


Our promise

Every precaution has been made to provide the safest and most reliable device ever offered to the CE community to properly install and service the finest projectors made.  Proper cooling of the projector is a must, so make sure that the cavity of the soffit is designed with some method of supplying and exhausting fresh air.  We are certain that you will be pleased with the design and functionality of this projector installation break-through.  An inverse model is also available for those that prefer to install their projectors to a mounting plate.  The typical mounting plate would be installed to the sliding tray just like installing to the ceiling.  Now there can be no reason to see or hear the projector in the room!



Every CDGi Projector Slide is built-to-order.  We can make it as big or small as you need.  Once an order is placed, CDGiPro will provide exact dimensions and CAD drawings for your installation.



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