Filigree Panels

Everyone knows that acoustic treatment belongs in a home cinema, but few people (clients, dealers, interior designers) let panels live in other spaces in the home, where acoustic hotspots exist. They simply haven’t been ‘cool’ enough. With that in mind, we set out to craft a product that not only solves that problem, but allows you to open the world of design into every space.

The new Filigree Panel line is artistic, acoustic treatment for both consumer and commercial applications. Install them in the home, home cinema, home office, or home studio for great results. An absorption panel, with diffusive like properties, the Filigree line from CDGI is available in over 65 styles, and hundreds of colors. Precision laser-cutting, and CNC routing shape MDF into a unique pattern, and metallic paint is then applied for a luxurious aesthetic that any client will appreciate.

Whether you bring the design, or are working with interior designers, any room can now be engineered for better acoustics, leading to more relaxed conversations and happier clients. Country Clubs, restaurants, and conference rooms can all benefit, especially employing brand awareness to your Filigree panels.



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