The Royal Line

The Royal Line


Cinema Design Group International recently unveiled a new breed of theater seating – The Royal Line. Each chair is handcrafted one at a time by expert craftsmen with decades of experience making individual and unique designer quality furniture.

The chair’s exterior surface is made from Elmo Leather. Elmo recently received acknowledgement from The premium raw hides that are used in the manufacturing of these top of the line home theater chairs are produced from Scandinavian cowhides—the most expensive hides in the world. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the leather itself is produced in Sweden by the cleanest tannery in the world. The tannery built a new waste water processing plant, which harnesses bacterial micro organisms’ natural ability to convert waste water pollutants into nitrogen, thereby reducing harmful emissions by 80%. In addition to leather that is a little more earth conscious, the chair is manufactured with water based adhesives (low VOC).

The Ultracel™ foam that is used in the construction is made without the use of harmful fluorocarbons.


The Royal Line - LuxThe Royal Line - OmegaThe Royal Line - ParamountThe Royal Line - ViceroyThe Royal Line - HarmonyThe Royal Line - Bar Stool

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